If you have a query not covered below, or about any of the Happy Trail Alpine Acent tours, please CONTACT US

Who comes on our tours?

Our tours attract a mix of people of all ages and from all walks of life - males, females, singles and couples as well as groups of friends.

If you are coming on your own then don’t worry, over half of our groups are usually single people. The important thing is that you enjoy being part of a group. You like making new friends and having other people to share your experiences with at the end of the day.

Our tours are designed for road bikes. All routes are planned on sealed roads suitable for lightweight cycles with narrow tyres.

Do I have to ride with the group all the time?

No, you don’t.  To ensure safety, the Tour Leader will go over the days route, speed, and rest stops at breakfast.  You can certainly go as fast or as slow as you like, and there will be most likely someone to always ride with you, challenge and support you, as well as taking on Strava or 7 Peaks Ride challenges. Most people team up with other group members of a similar ability very quickly, and so ride with a small group most of the time.

Who is the leader?

All tours are personally led by Paul.  There will be other riders selected as support tour leaders to help on each tour. There are usually two leaders – one driving the support vehicle and the other cycling with the group, usually at the rear to ensure that no one gets left behind. They carry a first aid kit and a tool kit, so that if you or your bike breaks down they will be there to help.

What about the support vehicle?

The support vehicle is what sets our personalised tours apart.  We want you to ride and have a fun, safe and challenging adventure.  The support crew will look after any luggage, transportation, food, water, spare bikes and bike maintenance to ensure you get the best of the Victorian High Country cycling experience.

There is a support vehicle on every ride to transport your luggage to the destination, and also to provide any additional assistance required. The vehicle carries a more comprehensive tool kit and spare parts as well as first aid kit, water, etc. so you can top up your water bottles, grab a snack or if you have a problem you can jump on board.

How hard are the rides?

The fitter you are the more you will enjoy the tour. We want you to come on our tours and spend as much time on the bike as possible (and not in the support vehicle), but it is also important to us that you enjoy the trip and it is suitable for you.

We recommend that you cycle as much as possible several months before the tour, gradually increasing your distance until you are able to cycle the average daily distance (and still be ready to get on your bike and do the same again the next day).

What about accommodation and food?

Our tours aim to keep the country experience.  There will be a range of accommodation from tents to 5-star resorts depending on the Tour.  Tents are available for hire or you can BYO.  Self-contained cabins are available on request.  If you are traveling alone you can either pay the 'Single Room' price for the tour and have a room to yourself or pay the regular price and we will book you into a twin room with another single member of the group of the same sex. However please note that the number of single rooms available may be limited.

Breakfast and BBQ diners are always provided when camping. Coffee/tea, fruit and snacks are always available on our rides for rest stops. Depending on the tour we may organise group bookings for lunch or dinner (which are optional), and any alcohol is BYO. Please note that we may not be able to cater for special dietary needs at all times, so please contact us to discuss if required.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your bike, helmet, cycling shoes and 1 set of cycling clothes per day plus one spare set.  There will be washing opportunities, but to ensure clean dry clothes its best to have spare gear.  Spare bike tubes, sunscreen, wet weather jacket or vest. Alpine conditions can change without warning so you need to be prepared. Please contact us if you are unsure of what to bring.

What if my bike breaks down or I have too many punctures?

We will carry a range of spares for most situations, even a spare bike, wheels, chain, tyres, tubes (for hire and/or purchase if required), and do whatever road-side maintenance we can to keep you riding.

What is out weather policy?

We regard weather as part of the challenge. Wind, rain, heat, cold and hills are our friends. We won’t tell you that you must ride, and we won’t say not to ride, but we will support with another rider (usually the Tour Leader) and vehicle.  The only way a Tour will be postponed is in the event of a fire and when group safety is at risk.

What happens if a Tour is postponed?

Your money will be transferred to another Tour to be used within 12 months.

I have a few more questions – who can I talk to?

If you have any questions about any aspect of any of our tours – please CONTACT US. We look forward to talking to you.