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Cycling Adventures for Cyclists - Tours that will inspire and challenge you to the seat of your comfort zone

Tours for cyclists at all levels wanting to experience alpine cycling.

Happy Trails Cycling Adventures are about the outdoors and giving you the best value for money, supporting you all the way, challenging and motivating, whilst together we complete some epic rides.

Tours that keep the country experience with safe sealed roads, camping, campfires and cooking, fresh mountain air and stunning Australian alpine scenery.

You set the pace and rhythm to enjoy a great day in the saddle with plenty of encouragement, support and help from us. These are not events – it’s all about challenging yourself, endurance and personal achievement.

Join us for an unforgettable experience!


Happy Trails Cycling Adventures... the name says it all...

For many years I have cycled with friends, always talking by the camp fire how we should start some tours from our experiences.  Live the dream they say, do what you love, create a lifestyle and travel the countryside, meet some amazing people and keep fit.  Now that doesn’t exactly sound like work, and of course it wouldn’t be work, because it would be too much fun, but the dream is so close I can nearly open my eyes and believe.

After many years of playing and success in coaching (football – the World Game), developing, challenging, and motivating others to achieve their goals to become better people and better players, now was the perfect time for a lifestyle change. Cycling became my core fitness activity after hanging up my boots and quickly developed into a passion and lifestyle habit I enjoy every day.

I took up competitive cycling at 52, racing in local club events, masters and open state races, and I still enjoy training and recovery latte rides with my friends. They watch me race and are inspired to see a friend compete against riders many years younger, and their support motivates and inspires me to be my best… this is the environment that I want others to experience and share.  I want to invite people to come on an adventure where friends help each other to achieve and do things that they normally wouldn’t do themselves.

So, I have taken my own advice and that of my friends and started a cycle tour business.  My business will incorporate Alpine Ascent Tours #ridehighcountry #7peaks in what I truly believe, is one of the hidden gems in world cycling, North East Victoria Alpine Region.

We have set up some amazing Alpine Ascent Tours that will inspire people to cycle, and tour North East Vic and Southern NSW Alpine areas, visit wineries, breweries, local pub cuisine, camping areas, 5 star resorts , rivers and lakes, quiet and safe roads, and, all are fully supported with a vehicle.

My ideas for our rides are not only based on what we have done and experienced, but to encourage other cyclists to tour and have an adventure that they couldn’t do safely themselves.

With Peaks like Mt Hotham 1850m, Falls Creek 1500m, Dinner Plain 1600m, Mt Buller 1600m, Mt Buffalo 1400m, Charlottes Pass 1964m, Mt Wills 1700m, and rolling hills along the way, riding beside rivers like the mighty Murray, Kiewa, Ovens, Mitta Mitta and Thredbo, sitting around a campfire sharing a beer or wine and a story and how we rode that day, how hot it was, how windy or heavy the rain was, or how it was only 5 degrees in the middle of summer, and it didn’t matter because we inspired, motivated and encouraged each other all the way from start to finish.

This is what I want to share with people… an awesome and memorable cycling holiday experience.  Some of the areas we ride have no phone reception, no TV and …not even WI-FI, omg no technology, except the kilometres ticking over on your Strava or Garmin device.

Whilst our region is so abundant with fantastic local wineries, breweries, berry farms, there are many activities and chances to play golf and catch fresh fish for your dinner.

On one of our fully supported tours, (just like we tour, we take everything), we play golf, catch fish, swim, enjoy a drink by the campfire. This is a holiday, an adventure, a challenge, and we make every cycle adventure a memorable story to be told over and over around next year’s campfires.

We hope to see you soon so we can personally share with you what we have been enjoying for years.





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All you need to do is contact us, come join us on any tour and we can help you get started and support you all the way. Come and enjoy the ride with self minded cyclists who all started somewhere.



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We are excited to welcome The Full Cycle, Albury to the Happy Trails Cycling Adventure team.

Steve and his team will fit you out for any Cycling Adventure tour, from bike hire, to emergency repairs and maintenance, and of course check out their fantastic range of cycle clothing and new bikes for cycling Alpine regions.